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sillylittle-dreamer-deactivated asked: Suzie shrugged with a smile, she adored the children at the hospital with all her heart, they were all like her little children in a way, precious and meaningful to her. "Aha... maybe... I just do it because I want to, I've changed Jonathan... I'm no longer a criminal, I'm a hospital volunteer for Christs sake!"

"I’m glad you did. No one should have to live a criminals life." he smiled sadly. "You’re a great person, Slimb."

sillylittle-dreamer-deactivated asked: Suzie felt estatic unable to keep herself quiet, "Well, I work with children who are in the hopsital ward, helping them build confidence, moral highs, that kinda thing! It's a great feeling knowing that I make them feel good about themselves."

"That’s really sweet of you, Slimb." he couldn’t help, but smile at that. "I bet they love you too."

sillylittle-dreamer-deactivated asked: She beamed at him, her heart lifting up in joy, "Really? I mean I've met some swell kids, there's a girl named Chloe, strongest and bravest girl I know, she's having treatment for her l-l" Suzie couldn't place the word for the illness, "Um... she's having treatment anyway... loads of them are, you'll be surprised with how low their self esteem is but how high their morals are!"

He nodded, “It’s your perfect job.” he said. Jon smiled a little, “So what do you do there?”

sillylittle-dreamer-deactivated asked: She nodded enthusiatically, her eyes gleaming with joy, with a tear brimming in her eyelids, "Mmhmm! The exact one! I don't know if I told you that I'm VERY fond of children, so this is like the perfect job!"

He smiled at her passion, she always did seem like the type to be good with kids. “I’m happy for you. I’m sure you’ll do great there.”

sillylittle-dreamer-deactivated asked: Suzie snuggled into him, gazing up at him as she did with a grin on her face, "Oh you know... in love... and my life has been crazy! I work at a hospital now? Great Ormond Street Hospital as a volunteer, perhaps you've heard of it?"

”..The children’s hospital?” he asked, “That’s great!”

itsallaboutbatgirl-deactivated2 asked: Good, that means I don't have to worry. *she stood on her tiptoes to kiss him*

[he kisses her back and smiles] Worrying you is never my intention.